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Dr Kostas A. Papageorgiou and Dr. Emma Berry, Green Champions in the School of Psychology, has run student competition for designing the best logo for the School’s Green Committee. Student Harrier Godfrey has won the competition and will be awarded a brand new bike as a prize. The Green Committee in the School of Psychology aims to bring staff and students together to enact more strategic, deeper change at the School level, embedding good environmental practices across their activities. Our plan is to develop a bespoke environmental action plan and address on a more strategic level the areas in which the School of Psychology can have greatest impact. Key to the success of our plan is the interaction between staff and students, who will be supporting our mission throughout the process, taking action with the Committee and monitoring of the overall progress. Our vision is to become a task force for environmental sustainability behaviour change, and a resource for staff and students, so they can be empowered to make small changes in their lives to help protect and conserve our natural environment.











The InteRRaCt Lab welcomes Ms. Micheala McIlvenna, who has started her PhD in September 2020. Micheala worked in the InteRRaCt Lab for two years as a UG Research Associate before deciding to pursue a PhD. Micheala is supervised by Dr. Kostas Papageorgiou and Professor Cherie Armour. Have a great start Micheala!








The next International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences will be hosted at Queen’s University Belfast but it will be postponed from July 2021 to July 2023. The InteRRaCt Lab is very excited and will do its best to support the organisation of this conference. We look forward to seeing you all in Belfast in July 2023!


New ESRC-Impact Acceleration Grant (R1256PSY: Modeling Changes in Psychopathology in the Time of COVID19) awarded to Dr Kostas A. Papageorgiou to deliver impact and research activities on changes in psychopathology before vs. during the pandemic. The project utilizes longitudinal, cross-cultural datasets to explore and communicate to the public predictors of change in levels of psychopathology among countries that have differentially been affected by the pandemic.


New MSc in Applied Developmental Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast: This is a new and exciting postgraduate taught programme that aims to provide graduate students with an opportunity for advanced study in specialist topics in the field of applied developmental psychology and to prepare graduate students for more advanced research in applied developmental psychology, professional training in psychology or other discipline-related professional training. Dr Kostas A. Papageorgiou will be the Director of this new course.



NVTV has created an excellent videoclip covering our symposium on the 15th of November 2019 including interviews with some of the speakers. You can watch it here:


On Friday 15th November 2019, the InteRRaCt Lab and AQR International held an excellent conference on the theme of Mental Toughness, its links with human personality, and it’s many applications in individual and organisational development. The conference took place in the beautiful Riddel Hall at Queen’s University Belfast. The event was attended by 80 delegates from the world of HR, Coaching and the Academia. On behalf of the InteRRaCt Lab, I send a big thank you to the delegates for their participation; to the great line up of speakers including Doug Strycharczyk, Dr Kostas Papageorgiou, Prof Peter Clough, Dr John Perry, Dr Samineh Shaheem, Lorna Lawless, Zoe Sweet, Toni Molyneux, Tayler Truhan and Teresa Gomes Arrulo; to the Division of Occupational Psychology Northern Ireland Brand of the British Psychological Society for sponsoring the event; and to NVTV for covering part of the event and for conducting interviews with some of the speakers.



Work in the InteRRaCt Lab has impact: Our recent papers on narcissism, mental toughness and psychopathology resulted in more than 500 pieces of coverage worldwide including articles on CNN, CNBC and Discover Magazine, live interviews in numerous radio stations and the BBC World News TV. Some examples below:



The Times:

Discover Magazine:


Dr. Papageorgiou gave a Webinar “Bringing New Insights into the Big Five and Dark Triad” that was organised by AQR International one of the most valued collaborators of the InteRRaCt Lab. You can watch the webinar here:



Dr. Papageorgiou was invited to give a public lecture on the Psychology Week that was organised by the BPS Northern Ireland Branch. The lecture presented new findings on role of subclinical narcissism as the bridge of personality.










  • Our PhD students, Tayler Truhan and Teresa Sofia Gomez Arrulo, presented talks at the 10th Annual Psychology Postgraduate Research Conference at Queen’s University Belfast. They were also members of the organising committee. The conference was one of the most well-attended in the School’s history! Teresa presented her research on stress, psychopathy, and hip-hop music. Tayler presented a study on personality and psychopathology networks.” Well Done!



We are delighted to announce that early bird tickets for the upcoming Mental Toughness Symposium in Belfast will be on sale until the extended deadline of 30th September.  Enhance your professional development by learning about one of the most fundamental factors in people development today – Mental Toughness. A not to be missed event for coaches, psychologists, HR and OD professionals alike. Book your place here –















  • Lab Member, Dr. Paul Wilson from Queen’s, and Dr. Kostas Papageorgiou submitted a successful bit to host the next International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences at Queen’s University Belfast. The InteRRaCt Lab is very excited and will do its best to support the organisation of this conference. We look forward to seeing you all in Belfast the w/c the 26th of July 2021!

  • Dr. Papageorgiou became a member of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences and joined the Board of Editors of the Journal Personality and Individual Differences.

  • Dr. Papageorgiou delivered a talk in the Conference of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences that took place in Florence in July 2019. Kostas presented findings of our most recent paper proposing a novel idea about the role of narcissism in human personality: Narcissism may be a bridge between the prosocial and malevolent side of human personality influencing how the wider network of personality traits interconnect. Our PhD student, Tayler Truhan, has also attended the conference and delivered an excellent (Tayler’s first in an International event) talk on networks of personality and psychopathology.

  • Registration is now open for our Mental Toughness Symposium that is organised by the InteRRaCt Lab and AQR International and it is supported by the Occupational Psychology division of the Northern Ireland British Psychological Society. Early Bird registration will go fast so register as soon as possible.



The InteRRaCt Lab hosted two International Research Associates, who participated in the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience Association (IAESTE). Since 1948 IAESTE has been providing young science and engineering students from around the world with paid, course related work experience.

Our International Research Associates  worked on a project that aims to utilise machine learning as a means of creating predictive models of Personality on Visual Attention and Intelligence.

Following completion of the internships, Dr. Papageorgiou was invited to attend the IAESTE NI summer reception at Belfast City Hall – a great evening!




Dr. Papageorgiou gave two Invited Lectures in the International Conference on Mental Toughness that took place on the 20th of June 2019 in Manchester, UK. The conference was organised by AQR International, a valued collaborator of the InteRRaCt Lab.














InteRRaCt Lab MSc student, Ms. Delfina Bilello, deliver a TEDx talk inspired by recent research findings from our lab. You can find the talk here.











An opportunity for a group photo with Dr Papageorgiou and some of the lab’s doctoral, MSc and undergraduate students after a weekly lab meeting at Queen’s beautiful Postgraduate Centre.













Ms. Tayler Truhan, a PhD student in the InteRRaCt Lab working on the PaCT project, has passed successfully her differentiation in May 2019. Tayler is supervised by Dr. Papageorgiou and Lab Member Professor Rhiannon Turner.







Dr. Papageorgiou presented a talk on the role of grandiose narcissism in reducing symptoms of psychopathology on the 3rd World Conference in Personality that took place in Hanoi, Vietnam in April 2019.













On the same conference, Mrs. Foteini-Maria Gianniou, a Research Associate in the InteRRaCt Lab, presented her MSc dissertation on the role of grandiose narcissism and physical activity as protective factors against psychopathology.













The InteRRaCt Lab welcomes Ms. Teresa Sofia Gomez Arrulo, who has started her PhD in January 2019. Teresa worked in the InteRRaCt Lab for a year as a Visiting Research Associate before deciding to pursue a PhD. Teresa is supervised by Dr. Kostas Papageorgiou and Dr. Mihalis Doumas. Have a great start Teresa!








Dr. Papageorgiou was invited to give a lecture on the Flavour of Psychology event that was organised by the BPS Northern Ireland Branch. The lecture presented new findings on the link between subclinical narcissism, psychopathology and education.













  • The InteRRaCt lab had the immense pleasure to organise and host a symposium at Queen’s University Belfast on Friday 5th October 2018. The symposium was attended by some of the lab’s excellent Scientific Advisors, National and International collaborators, PhD and MSc students. This was a very productive day with a series of fantastic talks, constructive discussions and the formulation of fascinating research ideas and plans. In the evening, the team participated in a Cocktail masterclass at the Observatory Bar ,the tallest bar in all of Ireland! The evening was supported by Visit Belfast, one of InteRRaCt Lab’s valued collaborators.

The InteRRaCt Lab welcomes Ms. Tayler Truhan, who has started her PhD in October 2018. Tayler worked in the InteRRaCt Lab for almost two years for her MSc dissertation and as a Visiting Research Associate before deciding to pursue a PhD. Tayler will be working in the PaCT project and she will be supervised by Dr. Kostas Papageorgiou and Professor Rhiannon Turner. Have a great start Tayler!









InteRRaCt Lab Research Attracts Worldwide Media Attention: Our recent paper “Longitudinal associations between narcissism, mental toughness and school achievement.” that was published in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences attracted worldwide media attention: Dr. Papageorgiou interview on BBC was the fifth top story on BBC’s main website achieving more than half a million readers in less than 24 hours in June 26th. Dr. Papageorgiou has given interviews in more than 10 radio stations including a live interview for BBC World Service the world’s largest international broadcaster that broadcasts news in over 30 languages. Overall, this work resulted in more than 250 pieces of coverage worldwide.









In March 2018, Dr. Papageorgiou has visited the  Educational Centre Sirius in Sochi, Russia to present at the center’s 1st International Conference. The aim of the centre, that works all year round, is the identification, development and further professional support of gifted adolescents, who have shown outstanding ability in the areas of intellectual achievement, music, arts or sports.










Dr. Papageorgiou attended the annual Belfast Ambassador Awards at the Titanic Hotel Belfast in November 2017 and received recognition for his work to promote the city of Belfast as a business and tourism destination and a venue for hosting international scientific conferences.















In September 2017, Dr. Papageorgiou has visited Tomsk University in Siberia in order to deliver five lectures on the International MSc in Human Development: Genetics, Neuroscience and Psychology and an open lecture at the same university.








In July 2017, Dr. Papageorgiou delivered a talk at the International Society for Intelligence Research, Annual Conference that took place in Montreal, Canada. The talk was titled: Longitudinal Associations between Narcissism, Mental Toughness and School Achievement.









In June 2017, Dr. Papageorgiou visited the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education in Moscow to present at the International Summer School for young scientists and students ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Educationally Relevant Psychological Traits’.