The Lab

  • InteRRaCt is a collaborative group that uses an interdisciplinary research approach in order to explore some of the factors that contribute to differences in individuals’ resilience and risk for psychopathology, as well as to differences in cognitive performance in diverse contexts.  


  • The meaning of the lab’s name is twofold: Firstly, to highlight the lab’s main aim, that is to investigate factors that interact to contribute to individual differences in psychological and cognitive traits. Secondly, to emphasise the necessity of constructive scientific interaction among researchers in order to shed light on the causes of individual differences in complex psychological traits.


  • The letter “X” is prominent in the lab’s logo for two reasons: We use “X” to denote statistical interactions between two or more factors, where the simultaneous influence of two (or more) variables on an outcome variable is not additive. We often use “X” to indicate an unknown factor that contribute to an observable outcome; as such, the letter “X” in the logo highlights the many variables that interact to influence variation in the development of psychological and cognitive traits, but they have not been identified yet.


  • The double arrow and the hourglass in the logo represent, time, emphasising on the importance of conducting longitudinal developmental research in order to identify the origins of individual differences in the aforementioned traits. The smaller circle (one might want to imaging it moving around the periphery of the larger circle) represent the ever-present scientific exploration of the factors that make us different to each other.


  • InteRRaCt offers a number of research placements for undergraduate and graduate students, who want to obtain research experience before undertaking a doctoral degree; whether you are a student at Queen’s University Belfast or in another university contact us to discuss your involvement in the lab. Finally, get in touch if you want to explore various options for undertaking a PhD in the InteRRaCt Lab.